Its been a while and I have gathered up quite the stash of skincare products. It was to many for one post so I decided to break it up into a few posts.

I have been desperate to try Peter Thomas Roth face masks. Everyone has been talking about them and the amazing powers they give the skin. I went into Sephora and purchased the Rose Stem Cell Mask and Pumpkin Enzyme Mask both of which smell amazing. Expect a review on the these in the future.

I also had a bit of fun at the Boscia counter again. I missed the Make-Up Break Up Cleansing Oil for those heavy makeup days. I went for smaller size since I don’t wear makeup everyday. It truly is an amazing product, even the most stubborn makeup can be removed. I recently saw a bunch of reviews for the Sake Brightening range and knew I need them. The Sake Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks and the Sake Brightening Hydrogel Face Mask help brighten up the face after a long day.

I am a recent convert of cream cleansers but I do like to have a bit of variety to choose from. Estee LaLonde mentioned in her 2016 beauty review how the Lancôme Galatee Comfort Milk Cleanser gave her skin a hydrated and plumped appearance. I was sold instantly and went to grab one at the store. So far I am 100% in love with this product. The moisture power is seriously amazing.

I have been doing a lot of research lately on difference types of multi use products and one that keeps appearing is the Caudalie Grape Water. It can be used as a toner, setting spray, hydrator and essence. I am planning on using this with heavy foundations to thin them out a bit. I will report back if it works!

Let me know what products you recently purchased!


One comment

  1. these are great choices!
    i used the caudalie grape water as a quick hydrator. it refreshes the skin but it did not work as a setting spray.
    excited to hear your opinion 🙂

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