If you did not know I love Philadelphia. With good reason I was born there. Its been like home ever sense. Even though I know longer live in Philadelphia (I’m trying to move back currently!) I wanted to share some of my favorite places to eat because let’s face it…… eating is always the priority.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I have become recently obsessed with Knead Bagels in center city. Adam and Cheri own Knead Bagels and they must be doing something right because they sell out of bagels fairly often! I personally like the everything bagel with nova lox but they have some amazing variety of cream cheeses to pick from. If you are in the area this is a place you need to check out!

My favorite place for all things food any time of day is Redding Terminal Market. Located in Center City as well and not far from Thomas Jefferson Hospital sits the wonder that is Redding Terminal Market. Its basically a food loves haven. Plus, it has everything you may ever want or desire. Dessert, dinner, breakfast, meats, fish, produce, coffee, breads and more! I honestly just love walking around and seeing all the different things.


If you are from Philadelphia let me know some of your favorite spots!





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