Let’s talk shower time for a second. I don’t care what anyone says when I wash my hair I feel amazing. On a similar note I hate shampoo and conditioner mostly because I can never find one I like. Sure I find some that are great for a while but that changes quickly after using them for a few months.

In an effort to find the perfect hair duo I decided to take my search to Davines the sustainable beauty brand. This is not a new brand to me and I feel like I always come back to it. I wasn’t sure what line to go with for shampoo and condition so I went for the everyday range, DEDE. It’s the perfect range for fine to normal hair. The lightly-foaming DEDE shampoo is amazing for everyday use. The DEDE conditioner is moisturizing but lightweight, hydrating and detangling without weighing hair down.

I have only been using this for a few weeks now and I can honestly say it does exactly what it does. It’s a pretty no fuss duo. Perfect for those of us who are just lost in the endless products for hair.

Let me know what your favorite hair duos are!


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