I used to never care about my lips. I never thought they needed moisturizer or any type of exfoliation. That was the case until I found myself spending more time in a hospital and less time outside. My skin went from a fountain of moisture to a dry piece of toast. I had to make some really drastic changes to my skin. Caring for my lips was new to me and I found myself looking for products that would last longer than just a few months.

I stumble across a brand called Nurse Jamie. What’s really cool about this brand is a nurse and a doctor are behind all the wonderful magic. Basically you are getting effective medical spa services at prices you can afford. Lets be honest a reusable lip exfoliator is really great on the wallet.

The NULIPS RX MOISTURIZING LIP BALM & EXFOLIATING LIP BRUSH is a system to plump your lips for that perfect pout we are all looking for. In the kit you get an anti-microbial silicone lip brush to exfoliate your lips and a all natural lip balm that is petroleum free and has hyaluronic acid to plump those lips.

I am not sure if I have noticed any lip plumping but my lips are softer, smoother and less dry toast like. They feel super moisturized in the morning and look healthy. I really love the idea of the reusable lip exfoliator.

Let me know what lip product you have been loving!



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