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If you did not know I love Philadelphia. With good reason I was born there. Its been like home ever sense. Even though I know longer live in Philadelphia (I’m trying to move back currently!) I wanted to share some of my favorite places to eat because let’s face it…… eating is always the priority.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I have become recently obsessed with Knead Bagels in center city. Adam and Cheri own Knead Bagels and they must be doing something right because they sell out of bagels fairly often! I personally like the everything bagel with nova lox but they have some amazing variety of cream cheeses to pick from. If you are in the area this is a place you need to check out!

My favorite place for all things food any time of day is Redding Terminal Market. Located in Center City as well and not far from Thomas Jefferson Hospital sits the wonder that is Redding Terminal Market. Its basically a food loves haven. Plus, it has everything you may ever want or desire. Dessert, dinner, breakfast, meats, fish, produce, coffee, breads and more! I honestly just love walking around and seeing all the different things.


If you are from Philadelphia let me know some of your favorite spots!







Since, starting Grad School my life has become one busy day after another. Recently, I have noticed the effect my non-exercising life and horrible eating have had on my body. In response I started attending yoga classes which is completely new to me. I am seriously loving how my body feels after class, plus it’s a great way to de-stress after sitting in class all day!

I have been trying to introduce healthier options into my diet which is a lot harder than you may think. Thankfully Chobani has introduced the Simply 100 Crunch– a light greek yogurt with a natural, crunchy pieces! Want to hear the best part? It is only 100 calories. I was worried this wouldn’t taste as good as the original but honestly Chobani did not cut any corners. I love to grab one of these when I am in a rush to get to school or as a dessert in the evening.

Some of my favorite ways to burn 100 calories are 20 minutes of dancing around the kitchen, 20 minutes of yoga and 38 minutes of shopping. Here are a few other ways to burn 100 calories!

Chobani Simply 100

There are so many different ways to stay active, and Simply 100 Crunch is an easy, guilt-free way to indulge without eating a million calories! Thank you Chobani for inviting me to share the new line of Simply 100 Crunch Greek Yogurt! Let me know how you are staying active!







DEAR 2015


I still cannot believe it is already 2016. It feels like only yesterday I was writing a similar post to this for 2014. I still cannot believe this up coming August will mark my two year anniversary of having a blog.  Honestly this has been such an amazing experience. Being able to share my thoughts, feelings, and moments with you guys has made me grow so much.

This year I was given the opportunity again to be a guest beauty blogger on Sarah Sarna’s blog, work with glossier on an amazing post, express my love for PF. Candle Co. and many other amazing things! All of which have allowed me to grow as a blogger and a person. Thank you to everyone who gave me a chance and has expressed interest in my area of the internet.

Personally, I was able to take the time to finish up some credits I needed for graduate school and apply to a bunch of Masters Nursing Programs. If you did not already know I was accepted into Johns Hopkins Masters Entry Into Nursing Program which will start in a few weeks. I am nervous and happy all at the same time. Nursing has been an interest of mine for some time and I am happy to start this new journey! Don’t worry I will still be blogging. This is something I could never give up.

I was not sure what I really wanted to say in this post but I really wanted to thank you. Thank you to all the people that commented, viewed, showed love and came to see my corner of the internet. You are all amazing and wonderful! I hope 2016 brings you all the wonders in the world and I look forward to hanging with you for another year.
Sending you all the love in the world


Anthropologie Obsession


I have really come to love housewares and cooking products. A lot of people ask me what my style is home wise. It is a cross between Anthropologie and West Elm with a bit of vintage thrown in. Naturally, I just mentioned the most expensive places! If only I was a millionaire people! Anthropologie has a bunch of hidden gems that are seriously worth checking out.


Oh the smells! Anthropologie takes candles to a whole new level. The quality of smell and burning is amazing. I have yet to try one I did not like. Be warned they are not the cheapest things but they do take forever to burn down.

Beauty Products

Honestly Anthropologie has some of the cutest beauty products! There are lotions, soaps, perfumes, lip sticks and many other little trinkets! I love looking at them and finding little gems!

Rifle Paper Co. & HAY

I love me some Rifle Paper Co. and HAY but, sometimes I just don’t feel like ordering online. Anthropologie has you covered with a wonderful assortment of products to choose from. I always get a bit crazy when I see this area.

Housewares & Cooking

Anthropologie has some amazing housewares. The cups, plates, serving platers, and glassware are seriously out of this world. It’s a little more reasonable in price compared to other things they have. I always find little things to buy in this area.

Let me know if what your favorite Anthropologie are!


Just a Little Trip to DC

Recently, I took a little day trip down to the District of Columbia (DC) with my wonderful mother. Naturally, I took a few photos and ate a lot of food! We had breakfast at Founding Farmers and man was it amazing! If you are ever in the area make sure you check it out! Hope you enjoy this little peak into my weekend!

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A Year of Change


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday and an amazing New Year! As I look back over the course of the year I am so grateful for everything that has happened. With graduating from college, first big girl job, and of course starting a blog it has been a year of change!

My blog would not be what it is today without you lovely viewers! I honestly don’t know if I could keep doing this without your consistent comments and kind words! Thank you for stopping by here and seeing what is going on in my world. I look forward to what will become of my blog and I hope you will all come with me on this journey. If there are certain posts you would like in the future please feel free to let me know. I love your input and suggestions!

Thank you again for a wonderful year and many more!


Hair Week : “My Hair Story”


The first time I did anything other than cutting my hair was in 4th grade. My mother let me get those awful brassy highlights. While I would never dare get such a thing now I have however, completely fallen in love with changing my hair (as you can see from the last 5 years of color choices!). Being able to change the color of your hair and texture is possibly one of the best things about being a women. Sometimes you just need a little re-vamp!

Understanding the correct hair color for your skin tone can take many years however, I find a wonderful hair stylist makes this a whole lot easier! I have been to a variety of hair stylists and I can honestly finally admit I have found someone who completely understands my hair and gives honest opinions! Jamie from Looks Salon in Columbia/Ellicott City has become such a big influence in my life. She gives me honest advice and product recommendations as well as life conversations!

At this point in my life I have become more reserved in my color choices. My hair is currently the shortest in length since I was a little youngster! It took me a while to decide that the “cop” was going to happen but after the process was over I found myself loving how easy styling had become! Yay to the LOB (long bob haha).

If I could go back and tell my 4th grade self anything besides not getting those brassy highlights! I would say to myself always be confident in your hair style. Forget what others think and embrace what you have or want!

Do you guys have any great hair advice or stories?


Wonderful News For December!


I still cannot believe it that November has ended! Not that I’m complaining December is possibly my favorite month wait… No it is my favorite month! While i would love to announce i am doing Blogecember sadly i am not but i do have something i wanted to share with you about December!

Every week of December will have a theme all leading up to the wonderful day of Christmas! Below is what each week will be themed around!

1st Week – Makeup Week
2nd Week – Hair Week
3rd Week – Stocking Gift Guide

On the week of Christmas i will be doing a post every day!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Happy Christmas and a great New Year!